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Welcome to our New Website!

Posted by Vaughan Edwards on

To celebrate the imminent launch of our new site we thought we'd start with a bang. So we've doubled up on our normal weekly sale! The new site officially launches next week but it's fully functional now.

Check it out. Look around. The prices are in dollars but orders will ship from the nearest office. No more being told you've logged into the wrong part of our site and you need to do your order again on the US/EUROPE/UK/RESTOFWORLD! 

Check out the 'Clearance' and 'Deals' section. No more going through page after page to find the deals. It's simpler, cleaner, faster, can leap tall buildings in a... Look around. We've got photos, club pages, a gallery, articles and much more going up over the next couple of weeks. Join us on Facebook and tell us what you think, features you'd like, things that need fixing!

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