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About Us

EOE Orbis Inc

Our goal is to bring the widest range of Miniatures and Hobby Accessories under one roof.

The Black Tree Design Command Staff brings to the table over 75 years in the Miniature and Gaming Field. Games Workshop, Marauder Miniatures, New World Computing, Harlequin Computing, Task Force Games, Tabletop Games, Fantasy Forge, Grenadier, Games Workshop US, to name but a few.

The Black Tree Design Range will be distributed by EOE. Black Tree Design manufactures an extensive range of 28mm Hand Made Models for Wargamers, Modelers, Collectors and Painters. Our WWII Range is one of the largest produced in the gaming market. We also have Ancients, Dark Ages, Feudal, Medieval, Zulu Wars, Romans and a large Fantasy Collection.

In order to serve our customers better, we have offices in both the US and the UK. From these locations we are able to supply efficiently to anywhere in the World.

Our goal is to provide the best possible Miniatures and Accessories at the best possible prices.

Miniatures and accessories for real Gamers and Enthusiasts



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