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Barnorsk Orcs Indiegogo Relaunch

Hi folks

We're going to have another go at getting these great Kev Adams Orcs back into production. Last time I had some bad personal issues you all know about by now and it caused a ton of problems. Part of that was we neglected the campaign - no videos, no marketing, no updates. So it died a death.

Now we're back on track having shipped a vast number of orders and more going out every day. We've shipped 2 of our last crowdfund projects and are halfway through our Goblins II shipping. Plus we've planned this a lot better. Molds will be cut and all casting done and we guarantee to have all the Perks shipped within 10 working days of the campaign conclusion (About 6 weeks, 4 weeks live and then 2 weeks for IG to settle the accounting).

I'll be facepainting up and rehearsing my role for a video in the next few days. We're also experimenting with a few more features. This time around I've added stretch goals, a bunch of addons you can include when you back the projects (much easier than the 'email me with extras + create manual orders + refund extra shipping' process we had to go through last time). They're also cheaper than they will be when released!!

Refer a friend

This time around we're trying out 'refer a friend'! Want to get some free extra classic Barnorsk Orcs? Easy! Once you've backed the campaign send me a quick message with your email address requesting a link and I'll send you a link you can send to your friends, post on your blog and social media, get a skywriter to put it in the heavens etc. Everyone who backs us using your link will add to your tally of free figs.


So here goes

We've launched our next Indiegogo project and it's huge! Check out some of Kev Adams finest Orcs. These guys are big. I mean Big! How big? Well I'm glad you asked. Here's Pollod and Bubbles with the Night Goblin champion from Goblins II

Check it out, become a backer and get these Barnorsk Orcs on your team!

Cheers folks




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