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Hi All,


First I would like to thank everyone for their support during the Dark Times. It has been rough and has lasted way too long. Also I would like to thank those that supported our Kickstarters. EOE and I have gone thru a terrible time but things are beginning to look up.


Most of our miniatures are manufactured in the UK and shipped to Cornwall and then sent to us here in the U.S. This has caused a great many delays. When we run out of something in the US we have to collate an order and sent to Our Casters in Scotland. They add our order to their schedule and the miniatures are soon shipped to Cornwall. Our Casters are doing a remarkable job given the enormity of the range. Shipments are collated in Cornwall the freight is sent to the US as quickly as possible.


This will change. And soon.


Part One


We will begin an aggressive plan to cut moulds here in the US. I will add new moulds regularly and make an announcement on John Says and the weekly Newsletter. We will soon announce the additions of all of the French and Italians.


On our U.S. Website you will see a new ‘Made in the USA’ logo on all items that are currently manufactured in the US. All of these items will ship within 72 hours! We have just added the “Made in the USA’ to nearly 200 packs! Yowza!


Part Two


Crowdfunding. We have released Kickstarters and Indiegogo campaigns for New Products such as the Pirates of Treasure Island and Winter Russians. We have also brought back some of our out of production ranges including Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins. In the works are the HM Shadow Elves and Ver’Men and others. Again, we would like to thank those that have supported us in these endevours.

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