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Hello All,

 This had been a really rough year all round. Due to a myriad of Personal and Family problems, I really dropped the ball and dug myself into a huge hole. We have seen massive delays with orders and a shocking lack of communication. We are taking steps to ensure that this never, ever happens again.

 We have made great strides in sorting out all the problems but unfortunately we have still have a ways to go. I estimate that we have sorted about 40% of the backlog and expect to clear the remaining orders over the next 2 - 3 weeks. We are continuing to dig ourselves out of the hole but sometimes the dirt drops back in :(

 We finally managed to get back on Facebook and we have started sorting out your messages and questions. We have begun on the personal messages and will continue until we have answered them all.

 Please contact me direct if you are still waiting on an order, perhaps waiting to have a problem solved or even if you would like to have a moan. Send me a Priority email to

 All the Best


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